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Test your knowledge about your vision and

eye care by taking the following vision quiz.

1. 20/20 means perfect vision.

A. True B. False


2. A young child with lazy eye or poor eye movements will generally outgrow these problems.

A. True B. False


3. The percentage of school age children who have vision problems is:

A. 5% B. 10% C. 25% D. 45%


4. The percentage of children who have had a complete professional vision examination before beginning school is: A. 6% B. 14% C. 62% D. 75%


5. For the majority of people, the primary sense used in learning is:

A. Vision B. Hearing C. Touch


6. Most people are born with normal vision.

A. True B. False


7. Many of the signs and symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are similar to those of common vision problems.

A. True B. False


8. A vision problem is rarely the cause of a learning disorder. A. True B. False









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