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About 80% of learning in a child's first 12 years comes through the eyes. Some children are labeled "learning disabled" or "troubled-makers," when all they need is an eye exam and appropriate vision correction. Good vision is fundamental to reading; it is vital to seeing such learning tools as the chalkboard, visual aids and videos. In short, good vision is as essential to learning as the ABC's.

Unlike a comprehensive exam, a simple vision screening, that only identifies 5% of vision problems in children. While these vision screenings are useful for offering an early indication of problems relating to distance eyesight, they miss other critical vision deficiencies that can impact a child's eye health, development and school and learning performance. However, a comprehensive eye exam measures a number of visual skills that are critical to a child's healthy vision, such as using both eyes as a team, the ability of the eyes to focus property when reading a book, or viewing a computer, and the ability of the eyes to move properly when reading across a page of print.


The basic vision skills needed for school use are:

Near vision - The ability to see clearly and comfortably at 10-13 inches.

Distance Vision - The ability to see clearly and comfortably beyond arm's reach.

Binocular coordination - The ability to use both eyes together.

Eye movement skills - The ability to aim the eyes accurately, move them smoothly across a page and shift them quickly and accurately from one object to another.

Focusing skills - The ability to keep both eyes accurately focused at the proper distances to see clearly and to change focus quickly.

Peripheral awareness - The ability to be aware of things located to the side while looking straight ahead.

Eye/hand coordination - The ability to use the eyes and hands together.








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